Our Founders

Dr. David Slack, a Palliative Medicine Physician and Angela Lee, a hospice RN, cofounded Hospice Without Borders after first visiting Rwanda in 2010. Inspired by palliative care and pain relief efforts in Uganda, and by the people, history and culture of Rwanda, the pair committed to using their healthcare and organizing backgrounds to increase global access to hospice and palliative care.



In 2015 Angela and David recommitted to increasing access to hospice and palliative for marginalized populations. This time the pair recognized the dire need for hospice and palliative care among aging and vulnerable people surviving homelessness within their local community.


Palliative care is deeply humanizing as it centers a patient's own experience and goals. Care providers must carefully listen with an open mind and heart, both to the care recipient and the recipient's community. Whether in Rwanda or at home, Angela and David see palliative care as a way to build peace and increase equity.