Hospice Without Borders~C.A.R.E.S.

Community Access to Reclaimed Essential Supples

We recognize that patients enrolled in hospice care often need a significant amount of bedside nursing supplies  often referred to as consumables.  Consumables are items that are mean to be used by the patient and then disposed of afterwards.   Think of disposable absorbent briefs and bed pads: very helpful for people as their functional status is declining.  These essential items can be quite expensive and as such, hospice programs generally provide only a small amount of them to families. 


Part of our mission is to do our best to insure that everyone has reliable access to palliative care, and to the basic supplies essential to it's provision.    (You can see to the right volunteers Tish and Becky meticulously sorting out supplies that will eventually be put into the hands of a patient and or family member in need).


We also know there is a great deal of waste in our system, and that many times, these supplies, unopened and perfectly serviceable, are often disposed of and put in landfills.  Why?  Many reasons, but we often find that during bereavement visits, a patient may have died and now a family member has all these unused supplies and they want to insure they get put to good use. 


That's where we come in!  Since 2011, HWB has been collecting, sorting, and providing these supplies to hospice and palliative care patients in Rwanda (see me to the left above ready to go to Rwanda in 2019 with bags full of medical supplies)!  We also use the supplies for the homeless population we care for at Amahoro House and routinely donate incontinent briefs to the chronically homeless - many of whom are elderly, incontinent, and have only 1 set of clothes to wear out into the street.   


 Now as we find ourselves in the midst of a global pandemic, where people are suffering greatly, we realize the need to extend our supply donation to our neighbors here in the USA. 


If you or your loved one is facing a serious life-limiting illness and are in need of some of these nursing care supply items, please let us know and we will do our very best to get to you a small quantity as quickly as we can. 


Please note that because we are based in South Puget Sound of Washington State, we are limiting our delivery locations for the time being to Pierce, Thurston, Lewis, and Mason counties - though we hope in the future to extend our reach.


Also we would like to take this opportunity to call upon your generosity.  If you have a donation of unused nursing supply items such as absorbent incontinence supplies and want to insure those supplies will get to a person in need, please reach out to us and make a donation.  We will pick up the supplies from your home!


 To request or make a supply donation, please fill out the form below...And thank you!



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