Amahoro House: Where we're stretching the paradigm of palliative care and hospice...

The average life expectancy of a person chronically surviving homelessness is 42-56 years old, yet aging and/or unwell people who are experiencing homelessness usually go without necessary medical, palliative and hospice care.


We believe all people have a right to hospice and palliative care.


Located in Olympia, WA, Amahoro House is a a free, volunteer staffed one bed hospice for people who are experiencing homelessness.  We also provide a two bed medical respite program for those who are too sick to be on the streets during the day, but "too well" for hospitals. 




In respite, we are dedicated to providing a safe and loving place for our guests

to rest and recuperate.  


We work in partnership with various agencies, primarily the IW Emergency Overnight Shelter, local hospitals and hospice agencies, and our Amahoro volunteer caregivers.


Amahoro House creates community-building and educational opportunities that enrich the lives of everyone choosing to join us.  It is a place that reminds us we are all connected, and we all have a fundamental right to dignity, peace, and healing.


On December 15 of 2014, Amahoro House received the Human Rights Award of 2014

from the Thurston Diversity Council.