Rwanda Mobile Palliative Care Unit

In coordination with the Rwandan Ministry of Health's goal to increase accessibility of high quality palliative care services to all Rwandan citizens suffering from life limiting illness, Hospice Without Borders provides a mobile home-based palliative care team that coordinates with health centers to provide more specialized palliative care support teams to health center catchment areas of umudugudu (villages). The mobile unit coordinates and conducts home visits identified in Kigali City district hospitals and their associated health centers. 


Our program provides advocacy, clinical education, and enhanced community awareness of palliative care, as well as clinical service at the community level. The mobile unit responds to requests for consultation to assess and manage specific patients.


Patients targeted include those with complex wounds, complex physical suffering, nonambulatory patients and those patients in their final days of life needing increased psychosocial support, family caregiver education and bereavement support. Patients selected have advanced progressive incurable disease such as HIV/AIDS; Cancer; Late Stage Heart and Lung Disease; Decompensated Liver Disease). The unit coordinates all care with health center staff, and works collaboratively with a palliative physician assigned to the unit team.