Hospice Without Borders work is both international and local

Below are brief summaries of our current major efforts in the USA and Rwanda.

  • Amahoro House:  This is a free medical respite and hospice in Olympia, Washington, USA, serving the chronically homeless and destitute dying who need a safe and peaceful home to rest.  Amahoro is a Kinyarwanda word meaning peace.  Support us in demonstrating that community driven medical respite & hospice can thrive and be a peace building force here in the United States.  
  •   Pain Control Kuri Bose ~ Pain Control for All:  This year, Hospice Without Borders, in collaboration with our friends from "Treat the Pain," at the American Cancer SocietyHospice Africa Uganda, and the Rwanda Ministry of Health, have begun importing Morphine powder to the Republic of Rwanda.  On November 13, 2014, we began our initial production of an oral morphine solution to support the Rwandan National Implementation Plan for Palliative Care.  Our initial donation, while only 5 kilograms, will nonetheless provide 10,000 bottles of life giving pain medication that is to be provided free of charge to the poorest patients with the greatest clinical need.  We are most grateful to the Honorable Dr. Agnes Binagwaho, Minister of Health, for her support in this effort.
  • The Rwanda Mobile Palliative Care Unit (RMPCU) The mobile palliative care team is the first of its kind in Rwanda, and is providing comprehensive home-based palliative care and hospice to the very poorest people of Kigali City living with advanced HIV/AIDS and Cancer.   The RMPCU sees patients in all 3 districts of Kigali and is staffed by a full-time nurse, driver, part time social worker, and supported by volunteer physicians and unit coordinators.  We are grateful for the dedicated collaboration of our friends and partners at the Rwanda Palliative Care and Hospice Organization (RPCHO).  Read our concept note introducing home based palliative care and hospice to Rwanda.

  Life After Loss Rwanda (LALR):  This is a unique bereavement support program that addressees grief by means of combined loss-oriented and restoration oriented coping.  LALR is intended for impoverished bereft family members who have lost a loved one cared for by our palliative care program in Rwanda, and now find themselves needing to make life anew under difficult circumstances.  Read more!