Amahoro HospiCE Kibogora, Rwanda

Future site of Amahoro Hospice Kibogora!

Please support us and donate today!  In 2024 it is our aim at HWB to continue our effort to raise $200,000!   


Our plan, which is currently underway, is to build a 14 bed residential hospice in the Western Province of Rwanda at the Kibogora Teaching  Hospital. 


Watch the introductory video below or click here to learn how you can be a seed for building peace in Rwanda!   

home based Palliative Care in Rwanda

Palliative Care in Rwanda 

Click here to view our short documentary video made by HWB volunteer Margo Hill.  The video provides a nearly 11 minute snapshot of our work in Rwanda.


Since 2010, Hospice Without Borders has partnered with the Rwandan Ministry of Health as well as local and international NGOs to improve culturally appropriate access to home based hospice and palliative care clinical services, pain control (meaning oral morphine solution made by the Rwandan government), palliative care education, and bereavement support initiatives.


Learn more about our programs in Rwanda!

Palliative Care outreach

Street Outreach in Olympia Washington. This is one of our board members and volunteers, Rose Flannigan, gifting a memory quilt to a shelter guest and long time friend Doug, who had at the time of this photograph recently lost his spouse Minnie to illness.  Rose's spouse had also recently died...they held that loss in common. 


Rose said in their moment of shared loss, "Doug and I were the same...Two grieving human beings who had just lost the most important person in our lives, and that quilt bound us together." 

Amahoro House OLympia, USA

Hospice Without Borders is now collaborating with End of Life Washington and The Olympia Fig to create Amahoro House Olympia: A short term hospice for terminally ill WA state residents, who are enrolled in hospice and have qualified for the DWD medication in WA state, but due to their living circumstances find themselves unable to utilize the option.


Amahoro House Olympia (seen below) aims to provide a safe and peaceful space for people to exercise autonomy and experience the dignified death as they themselves define.   

Contemplative Care TRAINING

Hospice Without Borders earns the NEDA

(National End-of Life Doula Alliance)

proficiency badge and has incorporated NEDA standards into

Present to Dying

            2023 Class

Present to Dying ~  

A community-based contemplative care training program for 



Our annual retreat is held on four consecutive Saturdays in April and is conducted as a 'Council Practice' or Wisdom Circle. 

   2023 Present to Dying

Medicine Bundle & Talking Piece

The intention of this program is to build community, and improve our individual and collective  capacity to be present to the people in our lives facing death and dying, including ourselves.  


During our time together we will engage in practices intended to deepen our awareness of loss,  interconnectedness, and  inherent goodness.  We will also gain familiarity with End-of-Life Doula scope of practice and ethical framework. 


At the conclusion of the program, you will be  empowered to serve as compassionate  companions, intimate with death, resources to yourselves, and resources to one those in the community facing dying.  


This program will also be a useful preparation  should you ever choose to volunteer with us in Rwanda and or earn formal certification as an End of Life Doula.


Learn more and register for our April 2025 Retreat.