Palliative Care & Hospice in Rwanda

Life After Loss Rwanda

Learn more about our efforts to provide meaningful and culturally appropriate bereavement support to people whose loved ones have died in our hospice programs in Rwanda.  We are now utilizing two unique models that incorporate income generation and wisdom circles.  The evidence from our study and surveys suggest lasting positive impact for participants of the programs.  Even three years later!


Working together with our partners in the Ministry of Health, HWB has continuously provided oral morphine solution free of charge to the Republic of Rwanda since 2014 in an effort to insure universal access to essential opioid analgesics for all people living with severe pain.

Kibogora District Hospital

Since 2015, HWB has partnered with the Kibogora District Hospital, the Free Methodist Mission, and the Ministry of Health to provide comprehensive palliative care and hospice services from the hospital to home to this small rural village on Lake Kivu in the far west of Rwanda.

Amahoro Hospice House at Kibogora

Please support us in our plan to partner with the Kibogora District Hospital and Ministry of Health to build a free-standing hospital associated hospice that will serve the destitute sick and dying from the rural west of Rwanda. 

Al Amal translates as hopeful work

One of our partners in Rwanda is the grassroots organization known as 'Al Amal'.  Al Amal is comprised mostly of volunteers from the muslim community in Kigali.   Their mission is to provide palliative care services to the poorest of the poor.  


Please read more from our colleague Becky Resnick MSW, who last year led a three part palliative care training with this inspiring team who embrace the HWB vision of 'Palliative Care for All.'

Volunteering in Rwanda

If you are interested in visiting Rwanda, not just to see the country and appreciate it's remarkable landscapes, but to make pilgrimage and bear witness to the terrible suffering that was the 1994 genocide, and then to serve alongside our Rwandan colleagues working daily to improve access to palliative care and hospice, please begin the process by contacting us in the form below.   Of course travel to Rwanda is now restricted given the COVID-19 global pandemic.  Nonetheless, we would like to hear from you and learn more about you.  We hope to resume travel in 2021.

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