Kibogora Palliative Care

Please be patient with us as we update this page with new content to reflect current and future projects including a summary of January through June 2020 palliative care team outcomes, details of our new 1 day Life After Loss bereavement program, and ongoing plans for enhanced collaboration. 


The Kibogora Palliative Care team is physically based at the Kibogora District Hospital and serves the same catchment area as the hospital: all the Rwandan people residing in the large Nyamasheke District of Western Province, Rwanda. 


The palliative care team sees consultations in the hospital wards, ambulatory referrals in their hospital based office, and 3 days per week, they access a vehicle and driver from our partners at the Free Methodist Mission in Kibogora to follow a case load of patients in the surrounding countryside.   This cohort is generally comprised of patients they saw in the hospital, or those being referred for palliative care from the health centers that are the first input into the Rwandan healthcare system. 


The palliative care team at Kibogora is deep, interdisciplinary, experienced and talented.   It's directer is Jean Paul Nsengiyumva.  The clinical leader and mentor is nurse Mado, herself a national trainer and graduate of the Palliative Care program at Makere University in Kampala.  


Stay tuned for more details! 


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