Site of Amahoro Hospice House Kibogora

Just off the main road, straight down the path between the three women on the left and the motorbike to the right is an old abandoned building and the site Dr. Salatheil Kanyarukiko and the Kibogora District Hospital recently donated to HWB to build the Amahoro Hospice House.   We are grateful to the Honorable Minister of Health, Dr. Kanyarukiko, and the Kibogora community!


As you can clearly appreciate by looking at the dilapidated house currently on the site, the first thing we plan to do is demolish that building and then prepare the site for our hospice.  


Once completed, the hospice house will sit secluded atop a lovely overlook in Kibogora.  The site lies just above the hospital, across the street from the Methodist Mission Guesthouse and Church, and a few steps down the street from the local college, Kibogora Polytechnic, which has a nursing school where we often teach principles of palliative care to the students. 


For our guests, Amahoro Hospice will be a safe and peaceful place to receive end of life care.   For staff and volunteers, it will be a remarkable place to serve and deepen one's hospice practice.  


With your generosity, together we can transform this site into a global palliative care center of excellence.   Read more below to explore why we chose Kibogora, our plan for building the hospice, and finally how we intend to sustain the vision.

Why Kibogora

Hospice Without Borders has been working with Kibogora Hospital since 2015 and we have a strong relationship with our partners.  


Kibogora epitomizes one's picture of old Rwanda with beautiful and rugged mountainous country overlooking Lake Kivu and Congo to the West.  It is also a very poor region and the terrain is quite challenging for patients with progressive terminal illness. 


The Kibogora Palliative Care team is integrated within the hospital and its large rural catchment area, with excellent clinicians who are national trainers in palliative care.


The hospital director Dr. Salathiel Kanyarukiko, and our partners at the Ministry of Health, Better Together, and the Free Methodist Church at Kibogora support the project and are providing us the land to build it.


Additionally, this hospice will become a service of the hospital, which means it will be integrated into the Ministry of Health.  This then creates an opportunity to serve as a model for the nation, and other small rural hospitals in other countries. 


The above photo is typical of the circumstance patients often find themselves.  Our hospice will serve as a safe and peaceful refuge to the destitute poor and dying. 

Building the Hospice

The above photos show the interior layout of the hospice and the front profile.  


As you can appreciate, the building will have 8 bedrooms and accommodate up to 14 guests with room for family members if available.  


There will be a kitchen and common gathering room as well as a lovely porch overlooking the surrounding hills. 


The hospice has been designed by our good friend and engineer, Mr. Mike Ward.  It will be built by Kumar Construction, a well respected company based in Kigali. They are currently assisting the hospital in building the new Maternity Ward. 


The first step is to demolish the current building, then prepare the site.  Once that is done the new foundation can be laid and the building completed. 


If you are interested in reviewing the detailed budget for  the hospice, please contact Dr. David Slack by sending a message at Take Action!  


We are hoping you will support this important peace building project. 

Sustaining the Vision

The Amahoro Hospice at Kibogora is to be an integrated clinical service at the hospital.  This portends favorably being connected to the hospital itself.   Additionally, Kibogora has an excellent nationally recognized palliative care service.  Finally, Kibogora is a place where international volunteers come to serve in Rwanda and there is ample lodging.  Kibogora is a great place to work and a great place to serve.  


If you are interested in reviewing our detailed 5 phase concept note with sustainability plan, please open and enjoy the file below.  Note the operational budget numbers in the paper are an estimate. 

Amahoro Hospice House
Concept Paper including background, proposal detail, operation, budget, sustainability, and vision.
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.1 MB

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