cherished moments

Experiencing hospice in 2009 with my sister-in-law Ilse ultimately changed my life, and then being asked to be part of HWB now and always will be part of my my life.


Sharing such an intimate time with one going through the dying and bereavement process, is truly a valued gift. 


Life After Loss Rwanda, (LALR), has opened my heart to grief, compassion, love and hope.   So, with my passion for quilting and sewing, and sharing that passion with my new friends in Rwanda, it all came together to make this journey so meaningful. 


Pictured here is Davita, a young women with breast cancer who our palliative care team was caring for in Kigali at the time of LALR in 2014.   Davita needed a sling due to her severe breast cancer and the pain and functional limitation it created in her right arm. I was lucky enough to be able to make it for her.


Rose Flannigan

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